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Business cards can be a tremendous tool for helping market yourself and your company, when done right. Otherwise, they not only add very little, if anything they may actually hurt you and your company's efforts. When you hand someone your card, you may be sure that they make a statement of some kind, good, bad, or indifferent. Unfortunately, the bad and indifferent probably occurs more often than the good. At least with the indifferent they may not hurt you.  


With the ability for anyone to make superb online business cards in a fast and easy manner (and inexpensively), there is no excuse for getting anything but a good response to your cards. You need every advantage you can get, especially in this economy. A lot of businesses should really reexamine what they currently use for business cards, and consider how they can make them better.


The best way for you to make yours involves three easy steps:


1)     From your collection of business cards, pull your favorite 8-10. Then carefully look at each card and write down specifically what you like about each. From your list of points that you like, decide which ones you want to incorporate in your cards. It may be a particular font style, printing method, and card texture. Whatever it is, write it down and basically see that the combination completes your card before going online to actually make them. Of course you will need to include your company name and details, and the general arrangement you want on your cards.

2)     Find a good web site to make them on. A Google search will yield enough choices to find a good one on the first page. Pick one that fits the following description: 1) card selections, features, and options that meet your specific needs and budget, 2) good, spelled out guarantees, 3) a well established, credible company that offers other business related products and services, and 4) an ordering system that's easy for you to follow.

3)     Make your cards. Once completed (30-60 minutes), you will be able to see your finished product onscreen before ordering. If they look like the superb online business cards that you envisioned making, place your order. If you are the least bit hesitant, save your information and sleep on it. You only pay when you order, so take your time and you will end up with business cards that you'll be excited to give out.


When you make your business cards following these three easy steps, they will most assuredly make the kind of statement that you want them to make, and they will save you time and money as well.

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